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Buying, Being and Behaving

9th Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure Research Symposium in Namur, Belgium. Symposium Chairs: Alain Decrop, University of Namur, Belgium; Arch Woodside, Boston College, USA.

    Consumer behavior nowadays represents the major research stream in marketing as product choice and consumption are key to business success and to a better comprehension of human beings. The CPTHL Symposium, launched 15 years ago, has been the first conference to develop such a strong focus on consumer behavior in the field of tourism and leisure from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

    After a series of 8 successful symposia held throughout the World, the University of Namur (Center for Research on Consumption and Leisure - CeRCLe) will host the event in 2015. We call authors and researchers to send their contributions related to any topic in line with choice, behavior and consumption in tourism, hospitality and leisure settings. Qualitative and quantitative approaches are both welcome.

    Namur, capital of Wallonia in Belgium, is a stone's throw from Brussels, in the heart of the European Union. The charming surroundings of a beautiful Province provide you with a welcoming setting. Namur is easily accessible by plane, train or car. Namur is close to three international airports (Brussels: 60 kms; Brussels-South: 40kms; Liège: 50 kms). London, Paris, Lille, Luxemburg, Rotterdam, Cologne are less than 3 hours away both by car or by train.

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