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Gala Dinner

Fête au Palais

This year's gala dinner will take place on the 4th of July at "La Fête au Palais" situated at Rue du Belvédère 1, 5170 Lustin. The restaurant is located in Lustin and offers a picturesque view on the valley of the Meuse. The restaurant opens up onto a terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in an elegant atmosphere. The cuisine combines tradition and modernity using quality products that are exquisitely harmonized by the chef.

Shuttles are foreseen and depart from the Faculty Building at 7pm. The restaurant is about 23 minutes by car from the univeristy (see map below). A shuttle will return to the university building and departs from the restaurant at 23:30.

For more information about the restaurant:


Gala Dinner Map